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3 Reasons Why Every Business Owner and Entrepreneur Should Consider Writing a Book

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Every small business owner should consider writing a book. That’s right, even you. Now you may be asking yourself, me, write a book?  Well even if you have been in business for only a few years or perhaps longer, you should consider writing a book. I can only imagine the expertise that you have, like I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you're very good at what you do. I will go even further to guess that you perhaps are not fully in tuned to what a difference you can make for people, and for your family and business by writing your book. There could be just a hint of truth to that couldn’t there?  So therefore, there is no one more qualified than you to write a book. Just imagine you having written your book with your name on it. It’s a great feeling. You take a deep breath and you can really smell the newness of every page as you quickly thumb through it. The aroma intensifies as you go further and further until you have touched every page to the end. You are a published author! And now that you are a published author, you step into the ranks of the elite; as so few people ever accomplish such a task. There is so much in store for you. There is so many doors that opens up to you and there are opportunities just sitting and waiting for you to take advantage of. Let’s take a look at my top three.


Building Credibility and Authority


There's nothing that will have you to become an authority figure faster then writing a book. There's something about writing a book that instantly have people to see you as the go to person, the expert in the field. It also sets you apart. When you think about it according to writer Joseph Epstein, there is over 81 million people that feel that they have a book inside of them. The crazy thing is that most people will never ever write a book. I know people who have been harboring books inside of them for years. Yes, I was one of them but that’s a story for another time. Remember you're the one that they go to for advice, to solve problems, to educate them on what matters, and everything they want to know in and about your industry. There's nothing that will help you to become an authority figure faster. This gives your business instant recognition and clout that equates to nothing more than money in the bank.


New Revenue Streams


Writing a book opens up a vast and tremendous opportunities for new streams of revenues. We're talking everything from speaking engagements, creating online courses, audio books coaching, consulting, tv appearances. Some books can inspire and spawn a whole different business all on their own such as a training and development company. The possibilities are endless, and once you consider writing a book there will be various paths one could take and new income opportunities being creative all from simply writing your book. One often overlooked caveat is that as a published author you are now in a prime position to increase fees.


Make a Difference/Solve a Problem


The most NOBLE thing one can do is to be in the SERVICE of others. You have to be a part of or create something bigger than yourself. Napoleon Hill said “if you're not making enough money that simply means you have not served enough people.” When writing your book, think about the difference you will make; think about the problems that you'll solve and write it! That can be in the form of a Transformation – Self Help – or How to Book. Imagine you making a difference and making an impact on yourself and family, your business, the reader, your community, and the World. There is nothing more NOBLE and there is nothing more FULFILLING when you GRANT yourself PERMISSION and put the world on notice that you are now stepping out of the shadows and do what only a few will do, and that is to be an author.

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