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Secret Keys To Being A High Performer

Aug 03, 2021

According to the folks at Fast Company, "high performers" are defined as people who are: 1. Always on time 2. Always working smarter 3. Always thinking better 4. Always talking more 5. Always making things happen.

There's no doubt the business world is in a major state of change. The demographics of our workforce are changing, and we are moving further away from the "old culture of business" (a.k.a. the "dinosaurs"). The new business world of "doers, makers, and visionaries" is now the norm. Fewer and fewer people are becoming successful in business. Know what's the key? It’s all in the mindset and high performance habits of the high performer. To be a high performer, you just need to know what it really is. In this article, I will share with you secret keys that will help you become a high performer. Everyone wants to know what it takes to be successful, to be a high performer, but few people actually know how to do it, despite the fact that it's one of the most important things in life.

Being a high performer is a huge part of being a business owner, part of an organization, a coach, or entrepreneur, whether you're an entrepreneur in the corporate world, on the side, or something in between. In today's working world we are often told that, you need to hustle and work hard to be successful. Sounds scary and daunting doesn’t? Sure, anything worth achieving will take a bit of elbow grease, but it doesn’t have to be scary or daunting. It’s not because being scary and daunting, overwhelmed, frustrating, overly time consuming, or tiring  has now become common place, but rather high performers are able to manage all of that, which mean that they are more likely to achieve greater results more consistently over longer periods of time. A number of years ago, I was in a place where I was at a crossroads in my life where I needed to become a high performer, and I didn't know how to go about doing it.   Once I discovered the secrets of high performers and started to put them into action, these simple high performance habits changed my whole life and business.  

It is possible to become a high performer in any field. We all have the power to achieve success, whether we realize it or not. But the first step is to realize that you have the power to become a high performer. Most of us have heard the phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. It’s true, you can’t, however, you can train a dog to become an excellent performer. It’s all about knowing how to use the right tools and having the right mindset.   

Recall that success is a state of mind. The most successful people in the world have a way of thinking that allows them to consistently achieve their goals. They don't just have a plan; they have a plan for their plan, and so on and so forth. They have a way of thinking and doing that they don't question, and that allows them to achieve what they want and keep going despite any obstacles that come their way. One of the most elusive skills in the modern business is the ability to be a high performer—someone who consistently delivers high impact work while managing their time, and their environment, effectively. 

We've all been there, you want to be more productive, you want to be more efficient, have more confidence, more clarity and more precision. You wish you could take a few minutes each day and focus on the things that really matter, but you also know that you have to do some things that you just hate. The key to being a high performer is being able to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Once you know what you need to do and what you don't need to do, it's easy to make a plan and stick to it but not before you have developed a clear defined outcome….in other words, knowing the exact outcome that you want.

High performers are successful because they do the right things, do them the right way, and do them the right way every time. They are confident. They are self-aware. They are productive. They push themselves hard. They deliver on their commitments. They get things done. They are in control. They keep going when it gets tough. They bring their best every day. They're not perfect but neither are you but they do get results. Why? Because they see where they are, what they have, and how they can improve. When it comes to being a high performer, most of us can count on our fingers the number of tips we’ve ever been given. Why is it so hard to be a high performer? The truth is that if you’re not a high performer in your organization or business, it’s probably because you’re not doing the right things. Hint: it’s not just about the way you think (mindset), it’s about the way you do things (high performance habits).

Over the years, Rovan Deon has had the opportunity to speak with thousands of people at his work. He has heard many success stories and seen many high performers in action. However, he's also seen many high performers who don't perform well. The ones who don't perform well are those who want it all. They want to be a high performer—but they don't put in the work. They want it all, but they don't take the steps to get it.

Being a high performer is more than just not making mistakes. It's about being the best version of yourself. High performers recognize that they are in a position of influence and have a responsibility to use their influence for good. High performance is not achieved through quantity but quality of output. High performers are not only focused on their own performance but also their contribution to the team.

More and more people today crave personal and professional excellence. They want to be the best at what they do — and they know that they'll never get there if they don't make a serious effort to improve. We are here to  show you how to develop the skills necessary to achieve the highest levels of performance and the right mindset to go with it. We'll give you a roadmap for working toward mastery in every area of your life — from business, relationships, communication,  to recreation and leadership. Never before have you had such a unique opportunity to have this proven Mindset and High Performance Coaching expert take you by the hand. High performers are made, not born. You're not expected to just sit there and do nothing, but if you're willing to learn and keep up with new developments, you will be able to show that you're a high performer and reap all the benefits that goes with it.

Consider the possibilities ahead now that you have chosen to be a high performer. Take a bold step, be radical, and do something that you may not have done in a very long time by putting yourself first, taking yourself on fully, and develop yourself as a high performer on our campus. Bold leaders and high performers take action. Even if you are not there yet, your next step is to enroll in one of our programs at the Results Now High Performance Institute where you will learn the necessary tools and habits of being a high performer. In this crazy and highly competitive world you need a secret weapon. You need to take every advantage . These are the best tools I know. Step unto our campus and consider the possibilities!

Rovan Deon is a global Mindset and High Performance Coach and 2x Best Seller author with over 20 years experience in the personal training and development space.    

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