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2x International Best Selling Author


Rovan Deon is a Mindset and High-Performance Coach who is Certified in Hypnosis and  NLP with over 30 years involvement in personal training and development. A 2x International Best Selling Author for the books (You Already Have It … The Survival Guide to Life and So’Hum Grateful Journal) , Rovan is also a Speaker, Educator, Training and Development Expert, Music Producer, and Podcast Host of Self Made Mind.

Considered as a Catalyst of Change and known throughout the industry as the Maximum Results Strategist, Rovan Deon is the Chief Executive Officer of the brand The Results Now Group & Results Now Performance Institute an Educational, Training and Development Company.

Results Now Performance Institute unique training and development programs remove limited beliefs and unlock your abilities to reach your optimal performance and full potential in your personal life and business. What you get are mind-blowing results and the tools to have you and your business to soar creating a life you love and a life that works.

As a Mindset and Performance Coach Rovan Deon has worked with Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs featured in Entrepreneurs Magazine, the United Nations, Vice President to the world largest banks, Grammy Nominated Artists, Ghost Writers to celebrities and have achieved incredible results for, brain surgeons, lawyers, radio personalities, film makers, authors, speech writers to Presidents, and Mass Meditation Gurus just to name a few.   

How I got here

About 7 years ago as someone who believes in personal development and really get what it can do for you, I went on a quest to transform my life and my business.

By that time I was out to develop myself as a future author and coach. I can remember how scared I was when I took myself on, stepped beyond my comfort zone, and got out of my own way. I was literally shaking when I booked my plane ticket and flew across the country from NYC to San Diego California. I dropped a whopping $10,000 for this one event. Since then i have spent well over $100,000 on personal development and love the work I do coaching entrepreneurs and business owners in particular. I have created a platform, a campus, for small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, organizations, and artists of all kinds to level up and to create what's next in their lives. Through action and a proven system you  create unimaginable results. We find pleasure of getting in touch with your SOUL and having you to be unleashed in your lane of genius.


Why I do it

Our Performance and Mindset Coaching  has gone on to change thousands of lives. It all becomes very simple once you let go and trust the process. Take a chance and get out of your own way and have your life to be extraordinary. There is no-one out there who is going to champion you the way I do. There is nobody greater! Nothing fulfills me more than you earning the money you want, having the  successful business you want, being an effective communicator with conviction and persuasion you want, being fully expressed in the world you want, and being a bold and unapologetic leader that you want. Here is a small sample of what's possible when you step unto the campus. 

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